Boss Moves: Tips for Becoming a Successful Beauty Entrepreneur #NationalEntrepreneurMonth

It’s National Entrepreneur Month, and we are celebrating our beauty bosses here at Esthetician Edit. Being your own boss takes a lot of discipline and perseverance, but it is all worthwhile when you see your vision come to life. Whether you are in the works of starting your business, it is entirely up and running, or thinking about going solo, we are sharing the best tips for being a successful beauty biz owner! 

Do you have it in you!?

If you are thinking about becoming your own boss, you should consider a few things first. When you are working in a spa, you have a team to lean on. The everyday cleaning and management of the spa isn’t up to you. The spa typically covers the booking system and drives marketing efforts to get clients through the door. When you are the boss, all of these responsibilities fall on you. Depending on how big you want to scale your business, a lot of time, energy, and money will be invested to ensure systems run smoothly! Now, there are many pros to being an entrepreneur, too. The power is in your hands! You decide your pay, hours and have the individual freedom to brand yourself! You also have the opportunity to make a lot more money! While you must get through the grit work of establishing your business, it is very fulfilling and rewarding when your beauty business succeeds. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you are doing yourself a disservice by holding back! Here are the best tips for becoming a successful beauty entrepreneur!

Develop a Solid Vision

What inspires you to want to take the lead in your career? Define your vision and stick to it. The beauty world is a very crowded place, so you must disregard what your competitors are doing so that you don’t cloud your vision. It can become watered-down, and you can lose passion over it quickly. Create a vision board or write out your end goal. This is the first step to manifesting the beauty biz of your dreams. Give it a full year, and if you decide to pivot in a different direction, you can do so through trial and error while still staying true to yourself!

Stay Ahead of the Trends

What clients want, they’ll get elsewhere if you don’t have it! This means always staying ahead of the trends so that customers come to you. Brow lamination, dermal injections, sound experiences, how are you refining your service menu to remain relevant? What trends are you setting to set yourself apart from other spas and estheticians? See what trends are worth it in the long run and invest in some additional certifications. This doesn’t mean you have to go around doing every treatment that’s out there. If you’re a lash artist, stick to lashes and be the best lash artist you can be! Having a niche in the industry can really work to your advantage. You can still get creative and find ways to intermix other beauty trends into your business! For example, if you’re a facialist, embrace the wellness wave and combine wellness and beauty with a Mood Beauty Facial that consists of products with mood-boosting properties!

Embrace Social Media

Now, we’re going to advocate for Social Media until we are blue in the face! This is where your brand comes to life and captivates your ideal clients. Developing a social media presence is a must in such a visually-reliant industry. Prospective clients will always be looking at Instagram and Facebook for reference photos before they book their service with you. Social media can bring you so many clients if you use it to its fullest potential. This means interacting with your followers, hosting giveaways, and showcasing your business in the best way possible!

Listen to Your Clients

Client feedback is crucial to your business. You want to ensure that you are creating an experience worth remembering and results worth coming back for. There are always ways to improve, and letting your clients know that you care about their feedback will help you keep them. It also helps with your decision-making process when defining new goals or refining your business plan. How are your clients responding to your treatments? What’s working and what’s not working? Successful beauty entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to improve existing treatments and services. 

Have a Business Plan, But be Adaptive

No matter how small or big you plan your business to be, having a solid business plan will keep you on track for success. It will help you set realistic goals and strategies for achieving them and highlight budget, pricing, and profit margins that will explain how you will make money. While having a solid business plan is essential, change is inevitable, and adaptability is crucial to being a successful entrepreneur . This is where client feedback plays in! If something isn’t working, adjust it or get rid of it! Time is money, and you want to make sure you are allocating your time and money in all of the right avenues. 

Don’t Give Up!

If you’re just starting out and becoming discouraged, find ways to keep yourself motivated and hungry for success! It may take a while to see all of the hard work you’ve put in, but perseverance is the secret of all triumphs. The most successful entrepreneurs didn’t just give up! The best success stories are ones with trials and tribulations. 

Even if you feel you’ve reached a point of great success, keep pushing! Stay educated on the latest trends and skincare innovations, and better your skills as a beauty professional. You want to stay inspired and passionate about your business! Always find new ways to fuel that fire within you! For the best beauty biz tips and education, subscribe to our monthly digital magazine!