Whether new faces or existing regulars, life gets busy, and clients may forget how to prepare for your appointment and sometimes need a simple reminder. When clients have a great experience, not only are they most likely to rebook a follow-up but tend to spread the word, giving you more bookings and allowing you to make more money (and as Esthies, you know we can always use more of that!) So, how to prepare clients for your appointments? Here are some small but helpful tips to get the best treatment and the most optimal results.  

Skip Out On The Makeup.

If they have to wear makeup, remind them to use waterproof products so it’s easily removed when the skin is being cleansed. If getting a hair removal session, it’s also not recommended to wear makeup as the desired area will be wiped before receiving treatment. Many people (especially those who have never seen an Esthetician before) forget this tip. We spend so much money on our makeup, so I’m sure as heck confident they’re not trying to waste any bit of it!

Dress Comfortably

Wearing comfortable clothing. Sure, it isn’t a requirement for treatment, but why not? Some locations provide cozy robes or warm blankets for their clients, so the simpler the outfit to change out of, the better. If a client prefers to keep their clothing on during their appointment, remind them that wearing a comfortable outfit will allow them to have the best, and most relaxing experience, without the feeling of confinement.

What’s their health history?

Do you know every medication or supplement you have taken the past two weeks? For some of us with short-term memory, the answer is most likely no when asked on the spot. 

 Ask your client to bring:

-A list of medications and supplements they’ve taken the last two weeks

-Any allergies

-List past and present skin conditions (i.e. eczema)

-If there were any adverse reactions after previous treatments 

What products do they use?

Whether they use just a moisturizer or follow an entire skincare regimen, listing the products that are being used regularly is an important tip to remember. You need to understand their skin so you know just what you’re dealing with. What if the ingredients of one of their products are actually causing them more issues? Or even worse, what if that product has an adverse reaction to the steam machine, chemicals, or products you will be using?  

Skip Exfoliating

It’s a known fact that to achieve the best skin, you must regularly exfoliate. If a person is looking to reduce the appearance of premature aging or get rid of dry skin, the secret is gentle exfoliation a few times a week alongside a daily skincare regimen. Although sloughing off dead skin cells allows for a brighter look, it’s highly recommended to avoid exfoliating for at least two weeks until their appointment to avoid over-sensitizing the skin, sores appearing, and plain ol’ discomfort.

Every person that steps foot through the door you want to turn into a regular, and besides your impressive skill level, the overall experience you give to your client is crucial to becoming successful in this industry. So start by reminding them of some helpful tips that will allow them to enjoy and immerse themselves into their treatment session fully. When they arrive fully prepared, it makes for a much smoother experience for the client and you as well.