Esthetician Marketing Using Tik Tok! #SocialMediaTips

The skincare industry is always a booming business, but with that being said, there’s always some friendly competition with other estheticians also looking for clients. Whether you’re familiar with Tik Tok, or typically stay away from social media, skin care specialists regularly look towards this popular app to market their esthetics business. So what should you know about being an esthetician and marketing on Tik Tok? Let’s turn you into a “skinfluencer”!

Do Your Research

When you’re ready to begin, do your research. Who’s your demographic? What’s trending and going viral? It’ll also be beneficial to watch other Tik Tok influencers, note what you like and dislike, what works and what doesn’t, and create your own content. But before you start creating videos, do your research and have a strategy.

Create Some Catchy Content

We’re not saying to dress up like a clown and juggle for your audience (unless you want to, then, of course, we all want to see!). Still, it would help if you had something that will capture attention, and maybe you’ll find yourself with a trademark to separate yourself from others. Look to other spas, estheticians, cosmetic surgeons, etc.. that have Tik Tok and get some ideas!

It’s All About the Algorithm

Tik Tok’s algorithm can decide just how often, at what times, and where your content will be shown. This algorithm can be a blessing working in your favor, bringing in more potential clients that will check out your esthetics business. Choosing to show relevant content to users based on the demographic’s location, age, industry, and interests allows your services to reach a broader range of people.

Spread Word of Mouth

A person is more likely to trust a review when they hear it straight from the source, and that’s where Tik Tok comes in. Have clients share their testimonials of their experience with your business, and have them speak to your audience. Have them briefly talk about their favorite treatments, products, and hopefully (without you asking) some good words about your bedside manner and how well you can work your magic. These testimonials are quick, personable, and will boost credibility.

Save Your Videos

A great bonus with using Tik Tok is that you can post the videos you have created on other platforms and save them for use in the future. If you’re able to post the video to a different social media platform, you can reach more people, especially those who aren’t Tik Tok regulars.

Show Off Some Before and Afters

Whether a visual person or not, just like those home renovation shows, everyone likes to see the finished product. Posting videos of clients and their amazing transformations and showing before and afters is great for your followers to see how well the treatment works and hopefully schedule an appointment. A fun way to show your followers some before and after pictures is by creating a time-lapse showing the process from start to finish, sped up in 15-second segments. Short, sweet, informative, and entertaining for your potential clients.

Advertise Special Treatments and Products

If you have a special sale for a specific treatment or product, Tik Tok is a great way to advertise it. You’re able to not only educate your audience but also show them how the process works. This is a great opportunity to display your work!

You want to build a relationship with your audience by looking educated, friendly, and approachable. You can do this by creating lighter videos that are informative and enjoyable to watch. Keep those topics fresh, ideas flowing and frequent content going! You’re not going to wake up to dozens of new clients, but with the proper strategy, persistence, and good content, you’ll eventually start to see your business grow.

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