Every Client is VIP- How to Enhance Every Service with Magic Touches



Why do clients want to come back to an Esthetician for regular treatments and trust them with their skin? Their ability yes for sure, but also how they feel when they are there. My goal with every client that walks through my door and is on my table, is to treat them as they are VIP. I want them to feel special and pampered every time. After all, client experience is key to keeping clients coming back. Here are some ideas for adding that magic touch in the treatment room:

Room ready

I always prepare for my guest by having a presentable table, workspace, and always some kind of aromatherapy in the room- whether that’s incense, essential oil diffuser, candles, sage, room spray.


I start each client with an opening ritual with an inhalation of essential oils and 3 deep breaths. I place my hand on their forehead and another on their sternum and as they breathe in, I press down on their forehead and as they breathe out, I press gently on their sternum. I then do some reiki on the client to balance them and ground them for their service and bring them more deeply into the present moment.

Oracle Cards

All of my clients have the option before their service (they have to tell me ahead of time, so I allow enough appointment time) of reading an oracle card from my collection. I have them choose which box they are drawn to intuitively and we do the reading together.

Crystal Selection

I love crystals and their healing benefits! I offer my client the opportunity to choose a crystal before their service, then read what that particular crystal’s healing properties are. The crystal will be placed on their body for healing during their treatment.

Hot Stone Hand and Arm Massage

This adds a level of unexpected luxury to each service while they have a mask on!

Neck and Decollete

Don’t forget to include the neck and decollete when applying all products to really feel like they are getting the VIP treatment!

Other Add-Ons

Jade-roller, gua-sha, facial cupping included in facial massage- Maybe not all of those, but picking one and making it special to have the added benefit in addition to your hands!

Water After the Service

Giving water to take with them to-go when they are finished with their treatment!


Messaging the client after the service either the next day or 2 days after to follow up on how their skin is and how they are feeling.

Adding in these rituals will enhance every service to feel more luxurious and allow for the client to feel VIP!


Licensed Esthetician | Microblading Artist | Reiki Practitioner

Grace is a Licensed Esthetician based in Miami, FL with over 13 years of experience. She is also a Microblading Artist and Advanced Reiki Practitioner. She has worked in luxury spas for her entire career, which inspired her to utilize her skills gained in her experience and in her life to create Radiant Grace. A place for not only nurturing outer beauty but a place for cultivating inner beauty; integrating beauty and wellness. Her approach to aging is to age-well rather than anti-aging. She uses products and machines that work with the body to help repair and rebuild collagen and elastin. She specializes in treating acne through the use of active ingredients and acne treatments. She blends energy healing, aromatherapy, intuition, experience, modern skincare, and tools to create the ultimate experience for each client.

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