How to Create an Instagram Aesthetic #EESocialTips

When a client or potential client clicks on your Instagram page, you want to make sure you stand out. An aesthetically pleasing page is the first thing potential customers will notice when exploring your page. 

The colors, layout, tone, and overall look and feel of your page are what will contribute to your aesthetic. 

Don’t know where to start? Here’s how to create an Instagram Aesthetic that YOU and your clients will like.

Establish Your Brand

Having an Instagram aesthetic that is unique and cohesive will significantly improve your brand recognition. This is why establishing your brand is extremely important. 

Your brand is what will convey your voice, personality, and what your business is all about. If you’ve already established a brand with your website, logo, or location, your social media page should also reflect that. 

Need help establishing your brand? Identify your target audience, core values, and the type of “vibe” you are going for! Find out how to make your brand YOU, because after all, your face is your brand. 


Create a Mood Board

Colors are so important! Research shows the color increases brand recognition by 85%. Creating a mood board can help you establish the type of colors and photos you want to include on your page. 

Pinterest is an excellent tool for inspiration. If your brand is all about holistic skincare, including photos of nature and animals can take your message a step further. 

Pinterest can also help you identify which colors speak to you. You can use Canva’s mood board template to pick a selection of colors. The tool also picks out a selection of colors based on the colors in the photos you include on your board. 


Be Consistent

You want to make sure that one of your established colors is in every post that you post. Using the same filter and editing your photos with presets will ensure your photos have the same lighting and that you are not flip-flopping between dark and bright images. 

Presets are premade filters that can be applied to your photos with editing programs like Adobe Lightroom. When creating the perfect profile, you want to make sure that your content is fresh and always new, but that your look and feel remains consistent.

Plan in Advance

Planning your content not only helps you see what your aesthetic will look like, but it can save you a lot of time and energy. You can create your posts a week or even a month in advance while collecting new content for your next month. 

Apps like Planoly, Later, Plann, and Preview are great for curating the perfect Instagram feed. You can move around your photos to see what looks best!

These are four quick and easy steps to creating an aesthetically pleasing IG feed! 

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