How To Launch Yourself As A Solo Esthetician

You decided to work for yourself, CONGRATS! Now here’s the tough part. How will you market your services and start getting clients? This can be an ever so daunting task, but with the right plan, you’ll see just how to launch yourself as a solo Esthetician. 

Have Numerous Certifications

There’s no such thing as having too many certifications, as it’s great for your career, but it’ll also separate you from others. Laser hair removal? Massage? These are only a couple of the many certifications that can be quite beneficial. Look up what certifications may be required by your state to perform additional services.

Keep Learning

You should always have knowledge in your field on various topics, trends, products etc. It’s a huge plus to stay on top of these for your clients, but it also sounds more professional when you know what you’re talking about!  

Build A Quality Website

Don’t just create a spur of the moment website. Instead, have a plan on what services you’ll provide, what you’ll be charging, professional photos, and anything else that will make you look like a pro. To guarantee the best website for your audience, it’s highly recommended to leave it to the professionals.

Use Facebook As Free Advertising

Facebook isn’t just for spying on your high school crush. It’s also a great platform to advertise your services, weekly promotions, and anything that will bring traffic to your website. Ask those you know to ‘share’ your posts (maybe even provide a discount per referral), and join local Facebook groups connecting to more people.  

Have Eye-Catching Promotions

You’re just starting, so how can you ‘lure’ prospects in? Everyone likes to save a buck, and they love to see the words’ SALE’, ‘BOGO,’ or better yet ‘FREE.’ You need to get people excited, so throw in a ‘Free scalp massage with purchase of a facial’ or ‘Buy one service, get an upgrade for free,’ which won’t cost your business much.

Have Realistic Prices

Of course, the idea of charging more for your upscale services may sound amazing, but the reality is you’re just starting. You want to charge introductory prices that will bring people in until you are busy and in demand. After a while, when you have regulars, you can gradually increase prices for a better profit

Make Connections

By finding nearby businesses in your field, you can offer to help promote their business if they can do the same, even just by simply displaying some business cards. Another great way to meet people and make connections is to take part in weekly or monthly entrepreneur happy hours that many restaurants and bars like to set up. 

Have Patience

It doesn’t sound like something that will launch you as a solo esty, but the more time you take to work out the little details, the better the chances are of running a successful business. Clients can sense if you know what you’re doing, so make sure that you actually do.

As for the majority of entrepreneurs, the first year is the toughest as you’re trying to make a name for yourself and get clients. In the long run, you’ll be so glad you took the leap and decided to launch yourself as a solo esthetician, and the journey is just one step closer to a successful business. 

For more on transitioning to a solo esthetician, check out LNE & Spa Magazine’s comprehensive Solo Esthetician Guide.