Master the Male Consultation

Men tend to skip out on skincare, and typically, that’s the last thing on their minds.  It’s usually an upcoming event or a hot date with a special someone that makes them turn to the professionals.  Everyone needs to repair and protect their skin, and that includes the everyday man.  


A client is a client, regardless of their sex; and their health should always be the most important part of the consultation.  Gather info on current prescriptions, supplements, and current skin issues, such as bacterial infections and cold sores. Most clients, male or female, aren’t aware that some acne meds, antihistamines, antibiotics, and anti- inflammatory meds can cause negative reactions during the treatment causing adverse reactions.  If they’re there for an important event or hot date within the next couple days, they are risking the possibility of redness, irritation and possibly several pimples.  Give them a heads up that sometimes your skin purges after a facial, which is normal, but remind them that  It doesn’t happen to everyone, but it does happen to some. 


You don’t need to explain every little detail, including every ingredient being used, and which one works best  for every issue.  Frankly, most men simply could care less.  Now if you come across a unicorn and he’s interested in what’s going to happen and wants to talk skincare, simply explain the process in layman’s terms…”We’ll ‘wash’ your face, then a toner to ‘clean’ the pores, next…”  yada yada yada, (you get the idea!)


The more basic, the better.  Although they have taken the initiative towards better skin by scheduling the appointment, it doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be sold numerous products that they won’t use, and will be stored in the back of their closet.  Last thing they want is a long and elaborate skin care regimen. Suggest they splash some water on their face in the morning and apply a moisturizing spf, then at bedtime cleanse their face and apply a moisturizer.  If you’re looking to actually sell products to men, aim for a cleanser, a serum for after shaving, and a moisturizing spf.  


Usually when some males come in for a facial, they typically aren’t the most knowledgeable with popular skincare terms, or the numerous ingredients that many of your female clients may already know by watching numerous tutorials, youtube videos and influencers.  Most men just want to sit back and relax and let you do the rest.  Skip out on talking about the “epidermis”, “comedogenic” and simply use everyday words and phrases such as “skin”, “clogs pores” etc…


Give them a heads up reminder before their appointment. Especially when calling to remind them about their upcoming consultation/appointment. Remind them that having a beard is okay and we can work around it (although it’s easier said than done!), but let them know that they’ll need to avoid shaving that morning.  With a freshly shaved face, their skin is sensitive, making the steam, professional exfoliating and chemicals that are going to be used more likely to cause discomfort and irritation. 

When you have a consultation with a man, it’s also a good idea to tell them briefly of the benefits that they’ll see when having regular facials.  Facials can help with redness, breakouts, shaving irritation, anti-aging, and even a smoother, more thorough shave.  Aim at telling them about the benefits that are specifically geared towards them.  If they’re rocking a wild ZZ Top-type beard, they’ll most likely not be able to relate to those who shave regularly.  A good consultation can lead to a better experience for him, and hopefully, he’ll become a repeat client!

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