Not another “Couples Massage”! #ValentinesDayMarketingTips

Let’s get creative this Valentine’s Day and think outside the box! While couples massages are always a great idea, there are so many other things we have to offer on the spa menu. Did we mention they can also be COVID friendly?

Here are a few ways to market your “Valentines Day” Spa Menu this year…

For Your Buff Boyfriend

The first market we’re going to hit is that special man in your clients’ lives! Is he an avid gym-goer or an all-star athlete? Encourage them to give him the gift of CELLUMA LED LIGHT THERAPY! LED Light therapy is great for any muscle aches and pains, but can also help with aging and acne.

  • Anti-Aging – Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin texture, and overall clarity. Turns back the clock in minutes!
  • Acne – Works effectively to destroy acne-causing bacteria to clear up existing lesions and prevent future breakouts from forming.


Cater to the GALENTINES and promote group offerings during this time. Spa parties (COVID safe, of course) are always a great way to get the gals together. Call your couples massage a “Pampered Pals” massage on the menu for the best friend getting her bestie a treatment.

All the Single Ladies (or Men)!

Add a special treatment to your menu by making it an affordable one for this target market. A huge selling point for this one is that it is lower than most of your other treatments, so you can cater to those clients who need a “treat yourself” day!

Try to target different markets this year and change up your marketing plan for Valentine’s Day! National Holidays give a reason for everyone to celebrate, so take advantage of this time and give your clients a reason why they should book with YOU!