Spa & Wellness Trends 2021

In a discussion panel at the Global Wellness Summit 2020 moderated by Beth McGroarty, top journalists and future fore-casters joined in to offer their opinion on what will be trending in the spa & wellness world for 2021. Along with their take on what to expect, we’ve asked our LNE & Spa Magazine experts to provide their 2021 predictions. From touchless treatments to wellness expanded, we are delving into one of our industry’s most innovative eras. Here is what we’ve gathered from the industry’s most popular opinions. 

Touchless Treatments

As we continue in a post-pandemic world, both spa professionals and clients will be seeking touchless or masked treatments. LED therapy, cryotherapy, gua sha, aromatherapy journeys, sound therapies, and guided meditations are to name a few. It will provide a level of safety and distance for clients who wish to receive the benefits of spa treatments. 


At GWS 2020, W Magazine Editor Sandra Ballenstine predicted there would be a greater focus on strengthening immunity, including genetic testing and biohacking, which will provide a blueprint of a client’s health and identify proper treatments for them. She also believes in an increased focus on gut health and the microbiome as it pertains to our immunity and brain function. 

At-Home Beauty & Virtual Consultations

With more people staying at home, there will be an increased demand for consumers to get their hands on more advanced skin care products and treatments. Think LED handheld devices, dermaplaning, gua sha, and at-home chemical peels. 

By providing virtual classes and digital content on a wide scale online, social media followers will start to see the value in paid services like virtual consultations, personalized regimens, and beauty coaching. 

This is an excellent way for estheticians and spa professionals to build and maintain a relationship with their clients at-home and increase their retail sales through maskne kits and beauty tools.


At GWS 2020, the panel unanimously agreed that nature would be a trend in 2021. People all around the world will crave the outdoors to enhance their wellbeing. Spas will become more creative in their outdoor wellness programming, providing opportunities for guests to forest bathe or meditate in nature. Nature retreats and digital detox packages will be very popular. 

Wellness Expanded

Another trend discussed at GWS 2020 was the expansion of wellness and the movement from “looking good and feeling good” to other taboo topics such as sexual wellness, end-of-life practices, and financial therapies that significantly impact our lives than day to day wellness practices. 

Mood-Boosting Therapies

In addition to an increase in immune-boosting therapies, people can expect to see a lot more mood-boosting therapies and enhancers in 2021. In 2020, we saw a rise in virtual therapy and support groups, mindfulness apps, and other resources to help us manage our anxiety and emotions. Many were texting their therapists as much as their friends. We will continue to see this trend rise and more emotional wellness therapies at the spa.

Treatments like cryotherapy will be promoted to reduce inflammation, pain, and depression. Other meditative therapies like hypnotherapy, acupuncture, reiki, and chakra meditations will provide physical and emotional healing. 

Mood enhancers will be seen in a lot more than supplements but will be found in our foods, liquids, and skincare. For example, CBD tinctures to address anxiety and promote relaxation, and body lotions to induce sleep!

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