Spring Cleaning: Declutter & Refresh Your Beauty Biz

Springtime is here, which means it’s time to reflect and renew all things in your life, including your beauty biz. Whether you are feeling stagnant professionally or are perfectly fine with where things are going, taking the time to declutter can either jumpstart or speed up your success! No business is perfect, and there are always areas that can be improved. Perhaps your creative juices are running low or your workspace is cluttered only contributing to your stress. Here are ways to tidy up and make way for something new.

Declutter Your Brain

Now is the time to come up with fresh ideas for your beauty biz. Organize your thoughts on paper and rank them by priority. This will declutter your brain and help you be more focused. If you are a visual learner, then you can also capture your thoughts and ideas through mind mapping. Simply create a central theme, such as social media marketing or new treatments, and put it at the center of your paper. Then, draw lines that bridge out to associated ideas that span out to connections. This will help you visualize everything that goes into manifesting your idea!

Review & Renew Your Goals

You should also review your previous goals and decide if they are still relevant. This will help you recognize the legitimacy of your goals and whether or not they still remain true as your perspective changes. The best thing you can do is to aim for fewer goals. If you find yourself making long-term goals, what short-term goals can you put into place to achieve them? No journey is easy, and your end goal may require a few milestones along the way to get there. 

Clean out Your Inbox

I know you don’t want to do it! But you’ll definitely be grateful once it’s over. An inbox overflowing with messages can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve let it get out of hand. Delete any unnecessary messages that are taking up space. Create and label different folders so that you can organize your emails as they come in. Make a habit of deleting junk mail and spam daily so that they don’t cloud your inbox. Tired of receiving emails that just don’t pertain to you? Unsubscribe from email lists! Clean out and update YOUR email list to remove unengaged subscribers.

Clean Out Your Beauty Supplies

It’s hard to let things go, but consider it an excuse to try new things. You want to create and maintain a workplace that’s functional and attractive for you and your clients. First, get rid of any products that are expired, sticky, or that you aren’t using. Next, get rid of any empty containers that can’t be used as storage. 

When I say get rid, I mean donate, recycle or give them away to your friends and family! As for retail products, consider offering them at a discount or use them as a marketing tactic! Every new client that books an appointment with you will get a free product. Now, see what products are working for you and maybe increase your supply. Or research and experiment with new products to keep things fresh in your treatment room!

Consolidate Your Expenses

The truth is, circumstances and priorities change throughout the year. This means any investments that worked for you at the beginning of the year may not be profitable for you now. Do you see any returns on your investments? Is whatever marketing tactic you are using producing the results you were promised? Look at the metrics and decide for yourself. Are these expenses contributing to your goals? Cut out any unnecessary expenses and consider DIY options. Figure out alternatives that can help you save money instead, like hiring a technologically savvy intern to spruce up your social page.

Hone in on Your Vision

Being clear about your vision is critical to your success! You can make as many goals as you want, but how will you be motivated to work towards these goals if you don’t have a vision? Your vision is much bigger; it’s the overall picture. It’s what inspires and motivates you to keep going; it’s what you want to feel as a beauty artist or esthetician. Cultivate a vision that drives you by creating a vision board! This can include a few inspirational quotes, photographs, and trinkets that remind you how your business can contribute to your overall happiness and wellbeing. OR create a Pinterest account solely for your business! The beauty industry is a passionate field to be a part of. Remembering that passion will help you get through any hurdles that come your way.