Summer Makeup Trends 2021

To many, it’s the happiest time of year with the warm weather, sun shining, and for some, it’s time to try something new. After a long (and quite depressing!) 12 months of 2020, it’s about time to be playful and have some fun!

Summer 2021 is all about enjoying yourself, and what better way to do so than by trying out some of these colorful cosmetic trends. As an esty, when applying makeup to our clients, nothing is as much fun as a client who lets you experiment with bright and bold colors and is always ready to make a statement.

With so many looks and hues to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one. Here are some of our favorite summer 2021 makeup trends you just gotta try!

The ‘No Makeup Look
This trend isn’t going anywhere as this beautiful, ‘natural’ look gives the appearance of healthy, glowing skin that feels lightweight, without a heavy, caked-on feeling. With minimal makeup, it’s essential to highlight your natural skin without feeling like you’re melting in the hot summer sun.

Playful Lips
This season it’s all about those bright and playful lips. We’re talking vibrant and vivid pinks, bright and bold reds, and sexy and iconic corals for those not ready to take the plunge into the bolder looks. Look for longwear types that are highly pigmented for long-lasting, daring lips.

Beach Girl Glow
Glowing skin is always in style as it gives you a healthier, more youthful appearance. Due to the long-term dangers of spending the day basking in the sun, you can achieve a sun-kissed glow without the UVA/UVB rays, with highlighters, illuminators, and bronzers.

Brushed Brows
Brushing up your clients’ brows subtly and accentuating their arch is a must-have to make those eyes pop! The best part? This trend is quick and easy without taking up too much of your time and uses minimal effort. Brows are one of the first features people first look at, so they’re a must to look good!

Colorful Eyeshadows
It may seem like a bold and risky statement, but bright eyeshadows are in. This summer is the perfect time for your clients tp express themselves and try something new and bold. Show off those beautiful eyes and all that confidence by painting the lids with bright blues, vivid purples, and in some cases, daring yellows. Use one or use them all, but whatever you decide, you must show these beauties off!

Glossy Lips
Some of us are secretly jumping for joy with this summer’s 2021 trend. Having great memories and flashbacks of the 90’s (some of you esties are too young to have experienced it, and boy did you miss out!) It’s the sweet and sexy trend of sleek and sultry lip gloss! Put down those sparkly glitter glosses from back in the day, and instead, find an updated, more grown-up look with a satiny type of finish, giving your lips just enough shine without going overboard.

Bold Eyeliners
Eyeshadows and lipsticks aren’t the only ones making a bold statement, eyeliners are back this summer, and they’re as colorful as ever with creative shapes and styles. Try a bright color that accentuates your client’s natural eye color for beautifully vibrant eyes.

If your clients aren’t ready to take the plunge into these bold, new looks, start them off with a simple, fresh-faced vacation type of glow, working your way up with a bold eyeliner and coral lip. With so many ideas to create, grab your new pallets, favorite brushes and get inspired!