The Dos and Dont’s of Social Media for Estheticians

Being an Esthetician is a great, and fulfilling career, but it’s not always easy finding new clients; especially if you’re freelance.  Social media is a great way to connect to a larger audience base, who will hopefully become followers. With the right approach, the right strategy, some personalization, and knowing the do’s and don’ts of social media, you may even get those followers becoming clients and booking those appointments. 


DO: Schedule Your Posts

There is nothing better to keep yourself fresh on your followers’ minds than showing up on their newsfeed.  In order to keep your posts regular without forgetting, create a schedule of which days and times you should post, so you’ll never miss out.  


DON’T: Go Days Without Posting

With busy schedules and our everyday lives, it can be quite easy to forget to log on to your social media and post content.  If you feel that even with a posting schedule you’ll still forget, or are uncomfortable figuring out what to post, hire someone to take over your social media account; giving you some peace of mind, with a little price.


DO: Aim For A Reasonable 4 Days A Week


If you’re unsure how often to post, posting 4 days a week can help keep you active, without being overwhelming.  Post relatable content with consistency as you want the audience to spot your business instantly, and get their attention. Just think of Facebook, every time you spot the blue and white color combination, you automatically recognize who it is. 

DON’T: Post Too Much. There Is Too Much Of A Good Thing

It’s one thing to post infrequently and lose potential clients, but what about when you post too much? Posting too much may not only have you lose followers and potential clients, but it may make them continue scrolling, passing you by.


DO: Post Some Good Quotes

Everyone loves a good quote.  Just think of how often you scroll your news feed and see friends, family, and businesses posting quotes on life, love, and so many other topics.  Especially if you pay close attention, just how many of those have been ‘shared’.  Create (or find) some fun, beauty, skin, or even makeup quotes; something that relates to your brand.


DON’T: Post Unrelated Material

It may be tempting to want to post some funny memes you’ve seen or a photo of the beautiful dessert you’ve just ordered, but it has nothing to do with your business.  Instead, post useful information, how-tos, before and afters, tips, tricks, etc… and save the other stuff for your personal page.


DO: Create (or lookup) Social Media Prompts


Some days even a professional writer has writer’s block, so many times, when “non-writers” sit in front of the keyboard, they’re staring at the screen trying to think of what to write. With prompts, it’s an easy way to start off a topic and write about it; hopefully grabbing the audience’s attention.

DON’T Create/Post On A Whim

Organization doesn’t only make life easier, but it also makes you seem more professional and put together.  When posts flow together nicely and are relatable, it will lead to an increase in the number of people visiting your page regularly.


DO: Don’t Just Post, Plan Your Content


When the posts you write seem scatterbrained and are unprofessional (or heck, some may not even make sense), you may lose followers as they may find your page just taking up space on their feed and have no interest in knowing more since it doesn’t relate to them.

DON’T: Forget Who Your Target Audience Is

Make sure you post relatable content for your targeted audience increasing the amount of engagement you’ll receive.  If you have mostly female clientele, look to post informative content aimed towards them. If you have women that are in their late 40s, and 50s, talk about hormonal change and menopause, and other mid-life topics.  Have your clients relate to your posts.  If it’s random gibberish, you’ll lose their interest and unfortunately some potential clients.

When you know your targeted demographic, it’ll make advertising yourself and your business on social media much easier. Creating relatable content will then be simpler to think up and post.  Knowing exactly what you’re posting and knowing your audience is key to keeping them engaged and avoids “fluff” to be posted.  Your captions, pictures, and social media content should be representing you and your brand; not only making your followers stay interested in you but hopefully become regulars!

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